Heartbroken: Electroshock Destroyed the Love of My Life

I am writing this to let it be known, electroshock is a direct attack against life.

I was born in 1930, into a musical family and I continued the tradition. I have played trumpet and other instruments with several jazz bands, have composed music and in short, have enjoyed a successful career as a musician. Needless to say, I love music.

However, in 1979, at the age of 49, I married the real love of my life, Joy. Shortly after, I quickly discovered that she had been living a hell since she was a child. Per Joy’s family, she wasn’t acting “normal”, so she was committed into a psychiatric institution when she was a teen. She was then given electroshock and other so-called therapies of the psychiatric nature. They then had her on psychiatric drugs.  Needless to say, Joy was angry when she got out and quickly left home. This led to many difficulties for her and she soon fell into the wrong crowd, drugs and more problems before she got a grip on her life.

It was found several years later that she had Diabetes, which would account for the not “normal” actions that her family members reported.

This happened long before we met.

We were married for 36 years. Joy was incredibly bright and helped run my business that soon became very successful. I account it to Joy’s energy and enthusiasm. We did have our ups and downs but we were happy.

In our later years, Joy had a stroke as I was recovering from bypass surgery. She did not want the rehabilitation that was being offered, they in turn, institutionalized her in a psychiatric facility where she again was given electroshock—I fought them, I tried to get her out but I wasn’t strong enough.

I watched in horror and defiance as the so-called doctors ordered ECT to be performed on my wife.

I visited Joy often. Once, as we were holding hands, she looked at me and said, I don’t know how much more I can take—this broke my heart.

She lasted for several months until with little left of herself, and indeed very little left of me, my beloved wife “Joy” died in hospice in Gainesville Florida.

I have a lot to say about this barbaric and archaic device. Based on my very personal experience and having it be forced on my wife, to stand and watch as my beautiful wife was tortured and then taken from me, that is where I feel speechless.

What I can say is this entire process of electroshock should be outlawed the world over.  The greatest creation of god is the mind and electroshock is the devils curse. It’s a direct attack against love, thought, creativeness, beauty and life… everything positive electroshock destroys!

About the Author 

Jack Millman, 89, is an American Jazz musician, arranger, composer, producer and husband to Joy Millman.

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