June 23, 2023: Consumers Unaware that Brain-Damaging Electroshock Devices are not FDA Approved
By Jan Eastgate
CCHR says thousands of Americans have been misled that electroshock treatment and its devices are FDA-approved, reinforcing group’s demand to ban ECT entirely.  Read More >>

March 13, 2023: CCHR Supports Call for Ban on Electroshock Treatment by UK Legislators
By CCHR International
Mental health watchdog says a recent UK recognition that electroshock treatment should be banned is needed in the U.S., where 100,000 Americans, including children as young as 5, are electroshocked each year.  Read More >>

March 1, 2023: Study: Electroshock Patients 44 Times More Likely To Commit Suicide
By CCHR International
A recent study published in Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica found that after receiving electroshock, also known as electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), patients were 44 times more likely to die by suicide than people in the general population. The mental health industry watchdog, Citizens Commission on Human Rights International says this study adds weight to consumer and expert calls for ECT to be banned.  Read More >>

February 7, 2023: U.S. Congress Gives Legal Right to Ban Electroshock Treatment Torture Device
By CCHR International
CCHR calls on Massachusetts legislators to ban the use of electroshock for behavioral punishment, and not wait for the FDA to prohibit the shock device, under new Congressional law. We cannot wait until the FDA acts given its history of delays, while today children are still being tortured in the name of “therapy.” Read More >>

September 16, 2022: First Psychiatrists Tortured Children, Then the State and the College of Psychiatrists Failed Them…RANZCP’s Trite “Apology” to the Lake Alice Survivors
By Jan Eastgate
In June 2022, New Zealand police confirmed they had identified 136 former patients of the now-closed psychiatric facility, Lake Alice hospital, who had received electroshock (electroconvulsive therapy or ECT) without anesthetic as punishment. This was the third police investigation into allegations of child abuse at Lake Alice’s child and adolescent unit which operated in the 1970s under psychiatrist, the late Dr. Selwyn Leeks. Read More >>

August 5, 2022: New Study Shows High Number of Suicides After Electroshock
By Jan Eastgate
In another psychiatric treatment failure, a new study shows electroshock fails to prevent suicide, with over 800 deaths within a year in those receiving it. As with patients prescribed antidepressants, those receiving electroshock have been misled that electroshock corrects imbalanced brain chemicals. Read More >>

July 25, 2022: CCHR Praised for 47 Years of Exposing Psychiatric Abuses in New Zealand
By Jan Eastgate
CCHR NZ spoke before a government inquiry about exposing decades of abuse where patients were electroshocked and drugged in the mental health system; psychiatric experimental treatment, and a litany of deaths. The Royal Commission heard of “children being raped, patients being over-medicated and a level of dehumanization akin to concentration camps.” Read More >>

March 28, 2022: MECTA Electroshock Device Manufacturer Files for Bankruptcy as its Shock Box Loses Liability Insurance
By CCHR International
Company dismisses ECT dangers and, instead, blames ECT critics and lawsuits for its financial demise; CCHR accuses MECTA of ignoring damaging adverse effects of shock treatment. Read More >>

February 27, 2022: New Study Tells Consumers the Truth of Potential Lethal Electroshock and Antidepressant Risks
By CCHR International
Over 14,800 ECT patients were 16 times more likely to try to commit suicide than a control group of 58,369; antidepressants can also induce suicidal feelings and frightening long-term withdrawal effects. Read More >>

January 24, 2022: U.S. States Still Electroshocking 0–5-year-olds—A Total ECT Ban is More Vital Than Ever in Light of New Statistics
By Jan Eastgate
Forced to obtain electroshock statistics through FOIA, CCHR finds states electroshocking those 0–5 and up to age 12. UN defines any ECT without consent as an act of torture—yet this increasingly occurs throughout the U.S. Read More >>

October 1, 2021: CCHR Notifies Electroshock Hospitals on the Failure to Inform Patients of Risks
By CCHR International
Watchdog says electroshock must be banned, but until this occurs, hospitals are being notified that omitting patient information of how electroshock treatment causes brain-damage and memory loss may constitute consumer fraud. Read More >>

September 20, 2021: CCHR Urges Greater Govt. Oversight of Elderly Chemically Restrained and Shocked
By CCHR International
In light of a recent media investigation and Medicare statistics, a mental health watchdog says increased government oversight of antipsychotic use and electroshocking of nursing home residents is imperative to protect and save lives. Read More >>

July 20, 2021: CCHR Wants Ban on Electroshock “Conversion Therapy” Extended to All ECT
By CCHR International
Watchdog says, “conversion therapy,” which uses electroshock, is torture, recognized by the United Nations. Whether used for behavior modification, internet addiction or any psychiatric condition, electroshock is not conducive to achieving mental health. All shock devices require banning. Read More >>

July 1, 2021: CCHR’s Work Acknowledged in NZ Inquiry into Lake Alice Psychiatric Child Torture as “An Extraordinary Effort,” Supporting Survivors for 45 Years
By CCHR International
After weeks of testimony from former Lake Alice patients being electroshocked without an aesthetic as punishment, knocked unconscious with the violence of the shock, then being raped, some “solace” from being heard has been be found, CCHR says, “but not yet justice.” Read More >>

June 21, 2021: Psychiatrist Selwyn Leeks Not Only Tortured Children, He’s Also Accused of Rape, Lake Alice NZ Inquiry Hears
By CCHR International
A 14-year-old girl was drugged, electroshocked and allegedly raped by “sadistic” psychiatrist in NZ; staff and authorities ignored her pleas; police didn’t investigate the complaint. Never prosecuted, Leeks moved to Australia, where he continued to practice and sexually assault patients, without accountability. Read More >>

June 18, 2021: CCHR Supports WHO Recommendations for Psychiatric Living Wills to Prevent Abuse
By CCHR International
Mental Health Watchdog provides sample psychiatric advanced directive that individuals can sign as a prevention against enforced electroshock and other coercive practices such as those at Lake Alice hospital—in response to international report condemning mental health abuse. Read More >>

June 16, 2021: CCHR Testifies at Govt Inquiry into Lake Alice Electroshock Torture of Hundreds of Children & Acknowledged as Heroes for Exposing This
By CCHR International
300 NZ children were tortured with electroshock at Lake Alice Psychiatric Hospital between 1972 and 1978. Their horrific abuse—described by one expert as similar to Gestapo torture—continued, as NZ psychiatrists, medical and government authorities ignored their pleas. However, the watchdog, CCHR, believed them and acted, leading to the UN Committee on Torture demanding the NZ Govt. investigate. Read More >>

June 11, 2021: World Health Organization New Guidelines are Vital to End Coercive Psychiatric Practices & Abuse
By Jan Eastgate, President CCHR International
WHO report vindicates CCHR and the many groups that have fought worldwide for the recognition of psychiatric human rights violations, including involuntary commitment and forced electroshock and other biomedical, including drug treatments. Read More >>

June 7, 2021: UN Special Rapporteur Dainius Pūras Addresses Psychiatry’s Global Coercion & Crisis
By CCHR International
UN human rights expert speaks out against coercive psychiatry, effects of totalitarian and authoritarian mental health regimes and forced treatment. CCHR calls for action to stop U.S. coercive psychiatric practices as part of remedying global concerns. Read More >>

May 25, 2021: CCHR Supports Veterans Against Electroshock: DoD Spends $70m on Shocking Minds
By CCHR International
Memorial Day falls on the last day of Mental Health Month. CCHR celebrates supporting veterans in their documentary, Hidden Enemy, and who speak out against enforced psychiatric treatment, including electroshock to treat trauma. Read More >>

May 17, 2021: CCHR Urges Mental Health Month Oversight of Elderly Being Electroshocked
By CCHR International
In the third in a series of articles to raise awareness about psychiatric abuse during mental health month, watchdog wants the cruelty of electroshocking the elderly as treatment for dementia stopped. Banning it could save lives. Read More >>

May 14, 2021: Mental Health Month is Time to End Drug and Electroshock Use in Children
By CCHR International
6.1 million children and teens, some as young as one, prescribed psychotropic drugs, children 5 or younger electroshocked, and teens dying from restraints in behavioral hospitals—watchdog group says Mental Health Month fails America’s children. Read More >>

March 30, 2021: CCHR Supports 22-Year-Old’s Plea to Stop Enforced Electroshock Treatment
By CCHR International
A young Minnesota adult is fighting against court-ordered brain-damaging electroshock treatment being forced on him. CCHR cites UN reports that say involuntary ECT constitutes torture. The practice should be prohibited by all mental health laws, the group says. Read More >>

March 9, 2021: US Should Mirror NZ Child Shock Treatment Inquiry to Ban “Therapy”
By CCHR International
NZ Government is currently investigating allegations of hundreds of children being tortured with electroshock, an inquiry that mental health watchdog says is needed in the U.S., with exposure that 0- to 5-year-olds are being electroshocked. Read More >>

December 21, 2020: “Murder,” “deaths,” “negligence,” “unethical and medical malpractice”—Australian Court Upholds Findings that “Deep Sleep Treatment” is a Psychiatric Horror
By Jan Eastgate, President CCHR International
It read like a horror movie script but it was a 279-page Australian Federal court judgment about a psychiatric hospital called “Chelmsford” and a lethal drug and electroshock (ECT) combo known as “Deep Sleep Treatment” (DST) practiced there. Read More >>

December 2, 2020: Survivors of Lethal Drug & Shock Deep Sleep Therapy Vindicated After 30 Years
By CCHR International
An Australian judge’s condemnation of a dangerous psychiatric treatment linked to 48 deaths and once used in U.S. mind-control experiments, ignites new calls for a global ban on electroshock treatment. Read More >>

September 29, 2020: Drugs, Electroshock to 0-17 Year-Olds and Pregnant Women Needs Urgent Change
By CCHR International
CCHR, concerned that children face motor skill failure, psychosis, suicide, memory loss and brain damage side effects from mental health therapies, refutes $82.5m of taxpayer dollars being invested in early-intervention research that may add harm. Read More >>

September 16, 2020: Tribute to Whistleblower Nurse Who Exposed Deadly Drug and Shock Practice: Deep Sleep Therapy
By Jan Eastgate, President CCHR International
“The horrors of Chelmsford would never have been exposed had it not been for the courage of one person, nurse Rosa Nicholson.” Read More >>

September 4, 2020: Deep Sleep Treatment Death Nightmare Awakes 30 Years Later to Condemn Current Psychiatric Practices
By Jan Eastgate, President CCHR International
A lethal psychiatric drug and shock practice CCHR fought to get banned decades ago should spur accountability and patient protections today. Read More >>

August 18, 2020: New Research Supports Electroshock Causes Brain Damage: Ban Re-urged
By CCHR International
CCHR says new UK research on electroshock “therapy” damage—given each year to 100,000 Americans, including children as young as five—should prompt review of U.S. studies and a ban on the practice. Read More >>

June 1, 2020: Patient Activist Puts NY State Mental Health Agency on Notice About Misconduct Over Electroshock Risks
By Jan Eastgate, President CCHR International
A 43-year patient advocate and shock survivor applaud mental health activist on her complaint filed with FDA to enforce patients being told the truth about ECT. Read More >>

May 7, 2020: NZ Police Renew Criminal Investigation of “Shock-Torture Doc” Despite 40 Years Lapse in His Use of ECT Device to Shock Children’s Genitals as “Therapy”
By Jan Eastgate, President CCHR International
New Zealand police announced that a fresh inquiry into child torture using electroshock at Lake Alice psychiatric hospital in the 1970s could lead to criminal charges and extradition of psychiatrist responsible, Selwyn Leeks. Read More >>

April 27, 2020: Electroshock Death Prompts Watchdog to Call for Increased Mental Health Oversight
By Jan Eastgate, President CCHR International
Oversight of psychiatric facilities during COVID-19 is being reduced, putting patients at risk of treatment death, watchdog warns. CCHR says electroshock and other psychiatric treatments cause damage and tighter but safer controls need to be restored. Read More >>

December 13, 2019: Heartbroken: Electroshock Destroyed the Love of My Life
By Jack Millman
I am writing this to let it be known, electroshock is a direct attack against life. I was born in 1930, into a musical family and I continued the tradition. I have played trumpet and other instruments with several jazz bands, have composed music and in short, have enjoyed a successful career as a musician. Needless to say, I love music. However, in 1979, at the age of 49, I married the real love of my life, Joy. Read More >>

December 2, 2019: A Mother’s Story: “I was lied to and told electroshock was ‘safe’”
By Janine Costello
I am writing this article to protect children and the elderly. I am the mother of five and after learning of the promotion of electroshock therapy (ECT) being used on children and the elderly, I want to sound an alarm by sharing my first-hand knowledge. Read More >>

November 8, 2019: Warning from a Witness—Electroshock Harms
By Richard Lombardi, M.S. Physics
As a teenager, I was rebellious and got into a lot of trouble with the law. At just 16, I was sent to an adult mental hospital called St. Agnews and put into the criminal lock-up ward. For nine months I witnessed many atrocities committed by the psychiatric industry, and what they call “help.” This included seeing patients, who I came to know and befriend, be given electroshock “treatment,” also known as electroconvulsive therapy or ECT. Read More >>

October 31, 2019: ECT – Electricity Versus the Brain
By Ken Castleman, PhD, Biomedical Engineer
Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), also known as “shock treatment,” is a medical procedure in which an electric current is passed through the patient’s head, causing a convulsive seizure. The theory is that violent convulsions can somehow “reset” the brain and relieve the symptoms of mental illness. There is no explanation of how or why this might work, and it has never been proven. Read More >>

October 21, 2019: FDA: Agent for Electroshock Torture—Agency Needs Overhaul
By Jan Eastgate, President CCHR International
In an additional article to a multi-part series exposing the dangers of electroshock treatment (ECT), Jan Eastgate, President of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights International (CCHR) calls for an overhaul of the Food and Drug Administration. Read More >>

October 16, 2019: Camouflaging Electroshock Assault as “Therapy”—A legacy from the Nuremberg Doctors’ Trials Defense Ploy
By Jan Eastgate, President CCHR International
In a fifth article in a series on ECT, mental health watchdog, Citizens Commission on Human Rights International (CCHR), discusses how psychiatrists have misled the FDA, Congress and State Legislatures about the torture and brutality of electroshock—much the same way as Nazi psychiatrists and medical doctors covered up their medical crimes as “standard practice.” Read More >>

October 2, 2019: United Nations Report Recognizes Enforced (Involuntary) ECT as Torture, Yet State Laws Sanction Psychiatrists Committing this Abuse
By Jan Eastgate, President CCHR International
Fourth part of a series: The American Psychiatric Association (APA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) report (without current evidence) that 100,000 Americans are administered electroshock treatment (ECT) every year. Despite serious risks such as permanent memory loss and brain damage, ECT can also be forced onto involuntary patients without their consent. Read More >>

September 17, 2019: Risk Labeling for Electroshock: Consumer Fraud Passed Off as “Informed Consent”
By Jan Eastgate, President CCHR International
Third part of a series: To camouflage the false idea that electroshock treatment (ECT)—up to 460 volts of electricity through the brain, damaging it—is a legitimate medical therapy, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and electroshock enthusiasts claim that patient labeling (consent information) and “special” and general controls” can “mitigate the identified risks of ECT.” Read More >>

September 13, 2019: Electroshock: Consumer Fraud and Brain Damage
By Jan Eastgate, President CCHR International
In the second part of a series of public awareness articles posted on, Jan Eastgate, the president of mental health industry watchdog, Citizens Commission on Human Rights International, continues to explore the cover-up of the dangers of psychiatric electroshock treatment, or electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). Read More >>

September 5, 2019: Electroshock: The Redefinition of Assault and Battery as “Therapy” and Torture as Treatment
By Jan Eastgate, President CCHR International
In a five-part series for, Jan Eastgate, President of Citizens Commission on Human Rights International, gives the reasons why the mental health industry watchdog demands a ban of electroshock treatment. Read More >>

July 29, 2019: Captive Brains: Electroshock for Mind Control
By CCHR International
A Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) document dated 3 December 1951 described the use of subconvulsive electroshock as having the effect of “making a man talk.” An unnamed psychiatrist quoted in the CIA document stated that the lower setting of the device “produced in the individual excruciating pain and that the individual would be quite willing to give information if threatened with the use of this machine.” Read More >>

July 24, 2019: Misleading Consumers About Electroshock “Side Effects,” Negating How ECT Harms Lives
By Jan Eastgate, President CCHR International
People in need of help are being consistently put at risk by the treatments the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves and by researchers and practitioners in the mental health system recommending them, including antidepressants and electroshock. The misleading information given consumers should be investigated, especially when marketed as being prescribed for “treatment resistance,” a term invented to explain away treatment failure. Read More >>

July 16, 2019: The Wall Street Journal Gets It Wrong on ECT
By Kenneth Castleman, PhD
A June 30, 2019 Wall Street Journal article by Sumathi Reddy entitled “New Thinking Challenges the Stigma Around ‘Shock Therapy’” argues that modern Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) is safer now than it was in the past. That article, however, is inaccurate, in view of the science behind ECT. Read More >>

July 12, 2019: Electroshock: The Nazi Heritage
By CCHR International
How did electroshock, with no history of having done anybody any good, venture into countries like the United States and United Kingdom with “authoritative” recognition? How was it that it continued to be used, despite its link to Nazi atrocities? In a 1992 paper, “The Introduction and Spread of Shock and the Emigration of Psychiatrists,” German physicians credited Germany with the exportation of shock and its practitioners to countries around the world. Read More >>

July 9, 2019: Consumers Betrayed: Electroshock Inflicts Pain
By Jan Eastgate, President CCHR International
Why is electroshock (ECT) continually dogged by controversy? Why is it that women, the frail elderly and children are psychiatry’s main targets for ECT? Where is the true weight of public and scientific opinion? Who profits from ECT? These are all questions that legislators and health insurance companies should be asking before blankly endorsing and covering its use—even against a person’s will. Read More >>

June 18, 2019: Electroshock: It’s Not Treatment, It’s Torture
By Sherry Ridenour
I have witnessed the damage electroshock can cause. I can truly say this so-called “treatment” is not what they claim. It is torture in disguise. I have two stories to tell so that others may be warned about this. Read More >>

May 28, 2019: Telling My Electroshock Story So No More Will Be Harmed
By Julie Greene
As a writer, to me, my duty to share my story with others is sacred indeed. I write, so that others may learn from my words. We must tell these stories to end atrocities like ECT. Read More >>

April 23, 2019: Warning About the Devastating Effects of ECT
By Jane Ellis
I’m writing this story because I feel compelled to help others with my story. I don’t want to see others go through the unnecessary torture and pain I have endured throughout the last ten years of my life or more. Read More >>

April 23, 2019: ECT and Memory Loss
By Dr. Moira Dolan
In the late 1940s and early ‘50s, the heyday of electroshock, memory loss induced by ECT was considered to be its therapeutic effect. The distressed subjects conveniently forgot what was upsetting them, such as war traumas, child abuse, rape, betrayal, or family violence. Read More >>

March 13, 2019: ECT Has No Known Mechanism of Action: A Review of the Literature
By Dr. Moira Dolan
The original theory of ECT was that seizures and mental disease could not coexist in the same brain. This justified the brutal act of subjecting a person to electric shock to the point of inducing a seizure, after which the patient would be more manageable and their behavior deemed more socially acceptable. Read More >>

March 8, 2019: ECT Causes Brain Damage, A Review of the Literature
By Dr. Moira Dolan
This brief will describe a representative sampling of the considerable documented evidence that ECT (electroconvulsive therapy) causes brain damage. The cited sources of information are publicly available medical journal articles of which abstracts can be found in the National Library of Medicine online database, with full texts from the publishers. Read More >>

March 6, 2019: Electroshock Ruins Creativity & Lives—Vivien Leigh, Judy Garland, Paul Robeson, Ernest Hemmingway…
By CCHR International
A new book published in February 2019 claimed that famed actress, Vivien Leigh who starred in Gone with the Wind (1939) and A Street Car Named Desire (1951) had suffered from bipolar disorder. However, Leigh, along with many other artists, were victims of psychiatric treatment, especially electronvulsive therapy (electroshock, ECT) that not only failed but also harmed them. Read More >>

February 22, 2019: A Heartfelt Warning Against Electroshock
By Kenny Fleischman
My name is Kenny Fleischman. I am currently 30 years old. I underwent ECT, also known as electroconvulsive therapy, at the age of 21. I had a total of 30 rounds of electroshock at that time. What compels me to tell my experience is that I would never want anyone to go through what I have as a result of shock. What happened to me could be what happens to you, so I’m just trying to warn the public of a possible outcome. Read More >>

January 22, 2019: Study Supports Patient Testimony Against Electroshock
By CCHR International
In May 2006, Harold Robertson and Robin Pryor writing in BJPsych, “Memory and cognitive effects of ECT: informing and assessing patients,” determined: “Data do not exist at this time to confirm the mechanisms by which ECT exerts its adverse effects.” Read More >>

January 15, 2019: FDA Colludes with APA to Keep Dangerous ECT Device on the Market
By CCHR International
It is clear that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and American Psychiatric Association (APA) members know that the ECT device manufacturers are not going to conduct research while at the same time, don’t want the device taken off the market. FDA was and is only looking for “mitigating” circumstances to keep the shock device on the market without clinical trials supporting the devices’ safety—and is doing this, despite the ongoing risk to patients. Read More >>

January 11, 2019: A Message to the FDA: ECT Produces Brain Damage
By CCHR International
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) undermines the scores of studies and patient testimonies that indicate ECT causes brain damage. Dr. Lawrence Park, the FDA Medical Officer, who wrote the Executive Summary on ECT for the FDA [in 2010] is a psychiatrist who has co-authored numerous studies on ECT. Read More >>

January 4, 2019: UN Calls for Ban on Non-Consenting “Medical” Interventions & State Condoned ECT Torture
By CCHR International
In 2013, Kathleen Lynch, Minister of State for Disability, Equality, Mental Health and Older People in Ireland stated that Ireland’s mental health law “will be changed so that unwilling patients will no longer be forced to receive ECT.” This aligned with the February 16, 2013, United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture and Other Cruel Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment report. Read More >>

December 19, 2018: Psychiatrists Dismiss Patient Evidence Against ECT as “Anecdotal” to Protect Profits
By Jan Eastgate, President CCHR International
In 2015, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued its “Neurological Devices; Reclassification of Electroconvulsive Therapy Devices Intended for Use in Treating,” recommending that the ECT device be rated Class II (less risk classification than its current Class III). Read More >>

December 17, 2018: Conflicts of Interest Regarding ECT Covers Up Damage
By CCHR International
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Proposal in 2015 to reduce the risk classification of the ECT device instead of banning it, is of enormous concern, because of potential conflicts of interest of those it is relying upon. Read More >>

December 7, 2018: Electroshock: Lawsuits and Death Findings
By CCHR International
The long-term damaging effects of ECT has led to wrongful death lawsuits, as well as other grounds for law suits, including assault and battery and ECT causing personal injury, including brain damage and memory loss.  Read More >>

November 21, 2018: Electroshocked at Age 13—My Personal Horror Story
By L. J. Wilde
It was fall 1968. I was 13 years old and very unhappy with my family life. The only way I knew how to get attention and help was take an overdose of my stepmother’s Valium. But, no one ever bothered to ask me what was going on or why I did it. I was just a kid. Read More >>

October 30, 2018: An ECT Survivor Speaks Out—Psychiatrist Claimed Damage from ECT was Due to an Underlying Mental Disorder
By Julie Greene
The one thing I wanted to do, when it was all over, was to tell my story. I wasn’t sure what the story was, because I didn’t know, even when I put pen to paper, that ECT had caused the mysterious “illness” that had suddenly befallen me in 1996, when I was 39 years old. Read More >>