Warning from a Witness—Electroshock Harms

As a teenager, I was rebellious and got into a lot of trouble with the law. At just 16, I was sent to an adult mental hospital called St. Agnews and put into the criminal lock-up ward.

For nine months I witnessed many atrocities committed by the psychiatric industry, and what they call “help.” This included seeing patients, who I came to know and befriend, be given electroshock “treatment,” also known as electroconvulsive therapy or ECT. Two times a week, about 20 patients would be lined up for their electroshock “therapy,” and a few hours later they would come back and it was clear what the effects of this so-called “treatment” were. Upon returning, they were like zombies.  They shuffled through the door with empty stares and were unresponsive.

One of my friends committed an infraction against the hospital rules. His “correction,” or more accurately, his punishment, was two weeks of ECT, four treatments in all. I will never forget what he looked like when he came back. He normally smiled, was humorous and was always ready to talk. Now he could not even respond to my “how are you doing?” He was a zombie and didn’t react to any communication, from me or anyone.

At 16, I didn’t comprehend that ECT was not based on science, or proper research. I could only see the damage it was causing and knew something was wrong. I’ve since learned that it is only an avenue to make money, no matter what damage it does to a human being. You can learn more about the documented facts about electroshock here.

My story came out OK. I was determined and pushed for a better life. I became a physicist. I have travelled the world and learned other languages and cultures. I have had an adventurous life in spite of my rough beginnings.

I don’t know what happened to my friend. I hope he is well. Some people cannot defend themselves from the harm of psychiatry. And that is exactly what psychiatrists who use electroshock and drugs do to their patients—it harms them. These “educated authorities” have claimed that shocking a human being with electricity through the brain “helps” them. The facts are simply that it destroys them.

About the Author

Richard Lombardi holds a Masters in Physics and Astrophysics and has worked for IBM as a Systems Engineer and currently designs and develops back-end computer programs. Once out of the hands of psychiatry, he went on to travel the world has had a very interesting life.

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